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Real Estate Investment in Pakistan To Boom Due To Overseas Digital Account Approval


Real Estate Investment in Pakistan To Boom Due To Overseas Digital Account Approval

Across the globe, the real estate market is red hot with no signs of tapering off any time soon. It is an interesting market to navigate as a real estate investor, but with the right team and decision-making, deals and success can be achieved. Up until recently, real estate investment in Pakistan was difficult for overseas investors. This has since changed due to a new governmental decision.

In order to increase the opportunity for overseas Pakistanis investment in real estate, the Government of Pakistan has announced the opening of digital accounts. These digital accounts make the process of investing in real estate easier and more accessible for those overseas.

If you thought the market was hot now, an inevitable boom of buying and selling is on the horizon due to the creation of these digital accounts. Homes will sell quicker and for more money than ever before.


Digital banking gives overseas Pakistanis the ability to invest in residential, commercial, and many other types of real estate investments. Prior to this legislation, overseas investors had to be concerned with making payments while abroad. Getting these physical payments to the appropriate account could compromise security and be an all-around nuisance.

Roshan Digital Accounts (RDA) allow overseas Pakistanis the ability to invest in property in Pakistan. These new accounts are fairly easy to set-up with transactions happening on a secure web-based server. Non-Resident Pakistanis can pay bills and transfer funds without having to travel overseas.

This latest system brings a new buyer pool to the Pakistan real estate market. A large group of investors who previously had to deal with hassles and complications in the investment process are now ready and able to start purchasing Pakistan real estate. With the ability to invest in the palm of their hands, we expect a huge boom in demand for property in Pakistan. It is more important than ever to have the proper tools and team behind you to protect your investment finances.


If you are deciding to take advantage of the opportunities in Pakistan real estate, it is important that you are knowledgeable and make informed decisions on any property you buy. Daaclay will provide you with a detailed property portal on any property you wish to invest in, buy, or sell. Daaclay is the most unique and modernized real estate portal in Pakistan. Welcomed by modern features and increased usability, Daaclay is a one-stop-shop for all things real estate investment in Pakistan.


Daaclay also provides real estate project marketing, project management, and maintenance ensuring we can be your all-inclusive real estate portal in Pakistan. Contact our team today and work with the Real Place for Real Estate.

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The Safest Investment for higher returns and a prospective future

The Safest Investment for higher returns and a prospective future 

Real Estate is beyond a doubt the safest investment option when it comes to assured returns. This theory is especially accurate when it comes to the subcontinent region. In other words, if you want to expand your savings, you should already be investing in real estate. A city like Karachi almost ensures higher returns as the city has been developing further and further with every passing year and also one of the most modern cities of Pakistan. Lets elaborate more on why real estate investment is preferred to other alternatives. Nowadays, trends have indicated that it’s even better to invest in housing projects or luxury apartments in a society than a property in the middle of nowhere as the surrounding vicinity is likely to develop a lot faster, ensuring an early appreciation.

Fluctuations are mostly beneficial:

Like a blue chip company, on an average there is and has always been a constant rise in value of real estate. This has been especially true for any and every luxury apartment for sale in Bahria Town Karachi, which has seen an unprecedented appreciation in value as soon as it’s announced. One of the core reasons behind this  appreciation is that Bahria Town Karachi is one of the most renowned societies and undoubtedly the largest real estate development project of Karachi. The society is quite literally a complete city  filled to the brim with the classiest facilities and amenities one has grown accustomed to in Karachi. Overall, the price of any apartment for sale in Bahria Town Karachi has steadily increased and likely more than doubled from the base year. For this reason it’s highly prospective to get an apartment for sale in Karachi as it would prove quite a lucrative investment.

This goes on to prove that while other investment options often depend upon the market’s circumstances and assured higher returns are not guaranteed, Real estate investments is a realm that becomes an excellent exception, ensuring higher returns making it the safest investment. However, if one is looking for a residence to develop, it’s sometimes better to look for an apartment for sale in karachi.

Why does purchasing property in a society trumps others?

Since the beginning of 2010 different housing societies have sprung up and as a result totally revolutionized the real estate industry. These have become the new staple of modern living and ensure premium security along with an exemplary environment that is perfect for a family to be at feasible ease. Furthermore, these societies are backed by major real estate corporations that ensure that development of premium facilities is prioritized to ensure comfort and luxury to the residents. This ensures that any real estate project in these societies face more significant appreciation compared to the properties that are located elsewhere. An apartment for sale in Bahria Town Karachi may seem a bit pricey initially compared to others during the development phase, but high returns are almost assured once the project is completed. Of course one can also go premium returns which may be similar but possibly not the same with another apartment for sale in Karachi.

However, it’s not just the returns that are the reason to pool your savings in as an investment, by booking a luxury apartment for sale in  Bahria Town Karachi you will also be able to have a prospective future in a posh and secure residence that will have everything you and your family needs within an arm’s reach.

The Decision:

Whether you opt to invest in real estate or elsewhere is always a decision that rests solely on you. But evidence and long term trends certainly suggest that if not highly lucrative, investing in real estate is definitely an investment worth making that easily ensures that there is bound to be an appreciation in most cases.  Other than that, real estate investment constitutes an asset that can actually be utilized by the investor himself for a bad phase, and be converted into a worthy windfall when the time is right.