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Real estate Property for sale


Pakistan’s Real estate industry is growing at a rapid pace. In the period of rapid growth, the trends of online property portals in the country experienced a noticeable development. In the decade of digitalization, when multiple industries and fields witnessed digitalization, property portals came forward to revolutionize the real estate industry.

Our Portal:

Reall.PK is one of those property portals that developed in this decade of digitalization. It is developed to efficiently serve the industry. The drawbacks and flawed features of other online property portals were in the mind of developers of Reall.PK. It is a user-friendly, efficient, descriptive, well-developed, informative, and well-equipped digital platform with hundreds of unique features.

About the owner:

Mr. Abdul Waheed is Pakistan’sPakistan’s well-known IT expert with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. His excellence is delivering in the education sector through an online educational website since 2007. Many overseas Pakistanis acknowledge his services and passion for delivering Pakistan. Now Mr Abdul Waheed is looking forward to serving in the real estate industry and launches Pakistan’sPakistan’s most featured online property portal.


Building a trustworthy platform was a vision that motivated Mr Waheed to build such a highly featured web portal. Providing information to the investors and end-users was another motive that encouraged Mr Waheed to build such an efficient platform. Reall. PK’sPK’s efficient portal brings many investment opportunities for investors by highlighting new and emerging opportunities in Pakistan’sPakistan’s different cities.

Reall. PK’sPK’s precious platform brings thousands of listings (properties for sale) from across Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s only online property portal that brings commission-free properties. It also provides the best virtual tours of properties and the best available dealers pool.


Reall.PK provides hundreds of unique features to its users. Best customized search option that is difficult to find in other real estate portals. It makes it easy to find a plot, house or commercial property for sale through Reall Search. Reall. PK’s exclusive option of finding maps makes it the most user-friendly portal among all the other portals.

Affiliate marketing is another outstanding feature of Reall.PK offers. It is the best part-time opportunity for social media influencers. In the wide world of the internet, it is difficult to find an authentic database regarding property dealers or real estate agents. Reall.PK has brought a list of authentic real estate agents operating in different parts of the country.

Purchase request:

The purchase request is a property request that a client searches and fails to find due to the lack of availability of a specific listing. The request is later visited by owners or agents of properties and then sends a message to the user if they find their properties matching the purchase request.

Commission-free property:

The best and top feature that Reall.PK offers and no other online property portal offers the feature of “commission free property”. For the first time in Pakistan’s history, any online property portal has offered commission-free property by directly connecting real owners and real sellers.

Other than commission-free properties, Reall.PK offers free listings to the lead-based package. On a normal listings package, the users will get up to five free listings.


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Real Estate Investment in Pakistan To Boom Due To Overseas Digital Account Approval


Real Estate Investment in Pakistan To Boom Due To Overseas Digital Account Approval

Across the globe, the real estate market is red hot with no signs of tapering off any time soon. It is an interesting market to navigate as a real estate investor, but with the right team and decision-making, deals and success can be achieved. Up until recently, real estate investment in Pakistan was difficult for overseas investors. This has since changed due to a new governmental decision.

In order to increase the opportunity for overseas Pakistanis investment in real estate, the Government of Pakistan has announced the opening of digital accounts. These digital accounts make the process of investing in real estate easier and more accessible for those overseas.

If you thought the market was hot now, an inevitable boom of buying and selling is on the horizon due to the creation of these digital accounts. Homes will sell quicker and for more money than ever before.


Digital banking gives overseas Pakistanis the ability to invest in residential, commercial, and many other types of real estate investments. Prior to this legislation, overseas investors had to be concerned with making payments while abroad. Getting these physical payments to the appropriate account could compromise security and be an all-around nuisance.

Roshan Digital Accounts (RDA) allow overseas Pakistanis the ability to invest in property in Pakistan. These new accounts are fairly easy to set-up with transactions happening on a secure web-based server. Non-Resident Pakistanis can pay bills and transfer funds without having to travel overseas.

This latest system brings a new buyer pool to the Pakistan real estate market. A large group of investors who previously had to deal with hassles and complications in the investment process are now ready and able to start purchasing Pakistan real estate. With the ability to invest in the palm of their hands, we expect a huge boom in demand for property in Pakistan. It is more important than ever to have the proper tools and team behind you to protect your investment finances.


If you are deciding to take advantage of the opportunities in Pakistan real estate, it is important that you are knowledgeable and make informed decisions on any property you buy. Daaclay will provide you with a detailed property portal on any property you wish to invest in, buy, or sell. Daaclay is the most unique and modernized real estate portal in Pakistan. Welcomed by modern features and increased usability, Daaclay is a one-stop-shop for all things real estate investment in Pakistan.


Daaclay also provides real estate project marketing, project management, and maintenance ensuring we can be your all-inclusive real estate portal in Pakistan. Contact our team today and work with the Real Place for Real Estate.